We have identified that the Sustainable Development Goals directly link to Mayoral, with the strong will to act on them and move towards a production model that is committed to both the environment and society.

Plastic Reduction

We have achieved plastic-free labelling on 32 million sets of garments and plastic-free packaging on 1.8 million items per year.

In addition, 30 million protective bags are now made from 60%-70% recycled plastic.

Incorporation of sustainable materials

We use recycled paper for store bags, gift envelopes and different types of shipping boxes.

The composition labels for 32 million items are made from recycled polyester and recycled and/or FSC-certified paper is used for external labelling.

Point-of-sale signage and other official documents are produced with 100% environmentally friendly and recyclable paper and ink.

Optimisation of resources

We have standardised the design and price labels on a single label, which means a reduction of 30 million units per year.

We have also reused more than 450,000 boxes and maximised their use by avoiding empty spaces.


The Mayoral 2 distribution centre uses exclusively LED lighting and achieves 30% energy self-sufficiency thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels in its facilities. We are also accelerating the transformation of our chain of shops to an eco-efficient model.

The number of corporate trips has been reduced in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we assess the sustainability of ongoing procedures and promote material reuse and proper resource management.


We require suppliers, manufacturers and other partners to adhere to the company's code of conduct in order to guarantee environmental protection in all areas of production. Many of our partners also have the OEKO-TEX® ecological certification, which guarantees that the production of textiles has been carried out without substances that are harmful to health and the environment.


Our new shop concept is based on the precepts of eco-design and the circular economy, and features elements and furniture made from recycled or source-controlled materials, as well as eco-certifications.

For the decoration of the shop windows, recycled and recyclable materials are used, as well as wooden furniture with PEFC certification, a guarantee of sustainable forest management.

We are also committed to exclusive LED lighting, currently available in 75% of our shops.

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