New MAYORAL Newborn Fragrance

Mayoral introduces a new fragrance into the collection. With sweet and fresh notes, Mayoral's new scent does not contain alcohol, and is therefore suitable for your baby from their very first moments.

At Mayoral, we know the importance of smells when it comes to forging memories - that's why we continue to make progress in the world of perfumes, and this time we wanted to focus on fragrances for the newest family members.

Mayoral Newborn is the name of this new eau de cologne which is an ideal fragrance for baby; it is paediatric and dermatologically tested and is free from alcohol, meaning it is ideal for all stages of their early life.

The aromatic note of neroli (the essence extracted from bitter orange) used in this fragrance makes it very unique, and gives a citrus touch which, combined with watery nuances, make it very fresh and delicate. The body of the perfume is made up of floral notes that create a jasmine and white rose scent, perfect for babies.

Use it after bath time or at any time to refresh and treasure the most tender moments with your baby.