Corporate Social Responsibility

The brand operates by seeking to integrate the legitimate interest of profitability, growth, and competitiveness, with a policy based on four fundamental pillars.

  1. Commitment to our employees.
  2. Commitment to our suppliers.
  3. Commitment to society.
  4. Commitment to respecting the environment.

Mayoral Moda Infantil is committed to quality in corporate management and maintaining values such as those shared by the Spanish Association for Quality (Associacion Española Para La Calidad, AEC).

Mayoral, from its stance as a rapidly expanding international company, believes that it is increasingly important to take responsibility for all their actions in Europe as well as worldwide.

Therefore, we strongly enforce our Code of conduct and ethical values to all of our manufacturers, workshops, and other entities that collaborate in the production of the garments. These principles, that are always are in accordance with the guidelines and regulation of the local laws, ensures decent labor conditions for workers and as well as the commitment to protecting the environment.

Mayoral is a part of the Ethical Trading Initiative, Business Alliance, Trade Unions, and ONGs, that work to improve the labor conditions for those dedicated to the production of consumer goods worldwide but are in poverty and therefore vulnerable to unfair conditions.

Mayoral also signed The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, which has also been signed by more than 170 large multinational brands of textile distribution. The global unions, IndustiALL and the UNI, which are supported by the most important ONGs dedicated to defending the rights of workers. This agreement covers more than 1,700 garment factories.

Ethical Trading Initiative
The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh

Product safety

Offering our customers a safe product is one of our main goals. Therefore, to meet the highest standards of physical security, mechanical and chemical, our controls and checkpoints are exhaustive in every step of the production chain, from design to the development of the final product.

In relation to physical security, Mayoral monitors its compliance with existing regulations in relation to strings and adjustable cords. To check for mechanical and chemical safety, accredited laboratories analyze the final product at different stages of production to ensure their compliance with major regulations.

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