How to correctly complete our form

Don’t create a very extensive CV. Think of the large number of applications that can be received into our databases daily.

Point out only the most relevant information, what can really interest the company. Do not add knowledge, experiences, courses or hobbies that do not add value.

Respect the format and layout of the CV. A good format could be: personal data, training, experience, languages, computer skills, complementary training/education and additional information, for example.

Respect the CV’s chronological order. For example, in the training section or in the professional experience section, start with the most recent experiences.

If you know one or several languages, include the certification or the place of study that accredits your level.

If you are going to include a photograph, remember that this will be your image before people meet you. Do not crop your image from another photograph taken in non-work situations. Include a photo that projects a professional image.

In short, try to build a simple, clear and easy to read CV.

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