Friends of the environment

Save water by closing the tap when you brush your teeth or by making sure the tap doesn’t drip. A drop per minute is equivalent to 30 liters of water a day or 120 glasses of water.

Don’t pollute, go walking, use the bike or use public transportation. Using a car consumes 3 times more energy and produces 3 times mores greenhouse gas emissions than public transportation. In addition, traffic noise causes deterioration in the quality of life of city residents.

Save energy. Turn off the lights if they are not necessary or unplug those appliances you are not using. One must remember that those appliances in stand by are still consuming energy. Thus, it might be a good idea to use power strips with a switch that allows you to cut the power completely. Besides, you should unplug the chargers of mobile devices that aren’t being charged.

Learn to love and care for nature. It’s good to be aware of how pollution and a low ecological awareness can wreak havoc on the ecosystem. To love and respect nature since childhood is one of the best methods of awareness.

Is better to use recycled paper notebooks. Around 115.000 liters of water are used to produce a ton of virgin paper. However, water consumption is nearly 90% less in the production of recycled paper. Only 16.000 liters are used.

Recycle. Learn to distinguish the different recycling bins and what can be poured into each of them. Also, remember the importance of taking used batteries to the collection points.

No lift, is better to use the stairs. A 15 second ride on a lift is the same as if we had a 60 wat bulb on for an hour. Likewise, using the stairs is fantastic exercise; it’s great to keep your body in shape.

Give everyday objects a second life A can may become a fun pencil cup to store your pens and pencils, a shoe box can be used to store small toy parts, or a rubber glove can transform into a puppet. It will be lots of fun!

Yes to showers, no to baths. Having a shower reduces energy consumption by a quarter, not to mention the water it helps saving. Additionally, if we want to save more energy, we can also install low-flow faucets and turn down the thermostat.

Choose sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Education is the most important thing. Therefore, understanding what ecology is and learning subjects such as sustainability and how to take care of the planet, is essential to have an ecological mindset and become respectful people with the environment.

In Mayoral we are also friends of the environment:

In Mayoral we care about the environment and we like to look after our habitat. We want children to inherit a cleaner and looked after planet where they can grow up healthy. We also want to convey to the little ones the importance of respecting and protecting our planet.

This environmental awareness is what makes us strive and put all our hopes in incorporating new sustainability policies, year after year. Ultimately, we want to work towards a cleaner world and a better quality of life.

Some of the measures we have implemented to achieve significant energy saving and reduce environmental impact are:

Lighting and air conditioning:

Nowadays, all the new Mayoral stores are illuminated by LED technology. Whit this, we not only manage to save energy (reducing such consumption to a third of the normal illumination), but we also help the environment, as it results in a lower ecological impact.

Nowadays, all the new Mayoral stores are illuminated by LED technology. Whit this, we not only manage to save energy (reducing such consumption to a third of the normal illumination), but we also help the environment, as it results in a lower ecological impact.

In addition, we are changing our air conditioners for new refrigeration systems with a greener, more efficient technology, which reduces fuel consumption and improves performance.


All our paper bags are recyclable.

In addition, our bags have the PEFC certification, which guarantees that the paper used in its production comes from a sustainably managed forest where cutting down trees is done responsibly. By choosing PEFC bags, buyers will help fight illegal chopping, contribute to the maintenance of the ecosystem and help care for biodiversity.

Also, our bags are FSC – Forest Stewardhip Council – certified. This organization is responsible for ‘promoting environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world's forests.’ By possessing a FSC certification, Mayoral is positioned as a company interested and concerned in sustainable consumption of wood, paper and other forest products derivatives.


The inks used in printing both our bags and catalogues are made with water-based, organic and renewable raw materials. This way, we avoid the use of inks produced with thinners, which not only are much more harmful for our health, due to its toxicity, but also for the environment, since they cause significant deterioration in the ozone layer. Therefore, the use of such ecological inks achieve excellent results while helping to protect the environment.

Company adhered to the SIG system – Integrated management system (Ecoembes)

Mayoral has been a member of Ecoembes for over 10 years. Ecoembes is a Spanish organization that cares for the environment through recycling and eco-designing of packaging.

Every year we investigate and implement new ways to economize our packaging and its recycling:

  • We reuse the boxes used to ship Mayoral products to our customers, reducing the consumption of cardboard. In 2017 we will have reused 80% of the cardboard boxes.
  • We have incorporated systems to increase the quantity of the product that each box contains, without modifying the characteristics of the packaging, by eliminating gaps.
  • We have improved the grouping of items to substantially reduce the use of plastic bags.
  • We have disposed of the plastic strips from boxes.

In addition, in Mayoral we implement a controlling and reducing method for carbon emissions produced in our production, distribution and logistics systems. Likewise, we demand a fulfillment of our code of conduct, as well as the applicable local laws and regulations, to all our manufacturers, workshops and suppliers who collaborate in the production of our items.

Our goal is to keep working every day with the utmost enthusiasm in environmental protection and in the development of ecological measures. Mayoral’s philosophy is to make friends and, therefore, we think that the Earth should be our best friend and that we should pass this way of thinking to future generations.