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1941 Mayoral 1941

The Company’s origin comes from when Francisco Domínguez Toledo opens ‘Domínguez Toledo S.A.’: A factory producing socks and stockings based in Malaga, which little by little evolved into what we are today.

1966 Mayoral 1966

Rafael Domínguez de Gor assumes control of the company.

1968 Mayoral 1968

Thanks to our innovative spirit, Mayoral implements technology into its processes and the first IBM is used, facilitating the treatment of data.

1973 Mayoral 1973

We took an important leap from being a manufacturer of "loose garments" to presenting fashion collections.

1988 Mayoral 1988

We became the largest manufacturer of children's fashion in Spain, which prompted us to expand our facilities.

1990 Mayoral 1990

We opened our first own shop in the birthplace of fashion, Paris.

1992 Mayoral 1992

We launched our brand on to the international market with great success.

1996 Mayoral 1996

The expansion of own shops continues with the opening of new points of sale.

1997 Mayoral 1997

We began to participate in the most prestigious international children's fashion fairs.

2002 Mayoral 2002

We opened new facilities: a facility of more than 50,000 m2 that incorporates the latest technological innovations.

2007 Mayoral 2007

The third generation takes over the leadership of Mayoral, with Manuel Domínguez de la Maza at the helm.

2008 Mayoral 2008

We launched Mayoral Newborn, a new product line focused on newborns.

2011 Mayoral 2011

We opened a new logistics warehouse with intelligent technology that allows us to classify orders automatically.

2013 Mayoral 2013

We started our online journey and began to sell online from our e-commerce platform.

2015 Mayoral 2015

We launched the campaign 'Let's learn from the children' in which we proved, with a fun experiment, how easy it is for little ones to make friends.

2018 Mayoral 2018

We presented our new visual identity! The current and dynamic design responds to the digital challenges faced by the brand. The new icon, a cloud integrated into Mayoral's "o", is a tribute to children's imagination.

2019 Mayoral 2019

A year full of innovations: We launched Abel & Lula, our premium brand designed for special occasions. We also opened a new logistics centre in order to continue growing and to prepare for the future. We also surpassed one million friends on social networks!

2021 Mayoral 2021

It's our 80th birthday! As you can see, our history is full of exciting moments that we hope to continue sharing them with you in the future; a future for which we are already preparing...


#ecofriends an initiative aimed at caring for the planet

A better world. This is our wish for the future, and to make it into a reality we have created #ecofriends: a transversal project to care for the planet and reduce our environment impact.

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